Shared Exhibition Space – Making it Work

Shared spaces at exhibitions and events provide the opportunity to raise your brand awareness in new environments or maintain exposure in familiar ones, without the cost of your own exhibition stand.


Popular amongst associations and partnerships, a shared space can consist of just two branded areas or be a whole pavilion showcasing a larger number of related partners.  There are many benefits of choosing to share a space; exposure that would otherwise be cost prohibitive, partner support, referrals, and increased footfall.


Key points to consider.


When contemplating a shared space there are some key points to consider. Design is fundamental, your partners will want to maintain their own identity, whilst ensuring that there is continuity within the space.  On a recent shared exhibition space at Paris Air Show we designed an overarching scheme, and created dedicated areas for partner brand graphics within each booth.  The end product was integrated but allowed individual brand exposure.  Partners will need to have equal or appropriate space from which to exhibit, by being aware of this in advance it can be built into the design so that each partner’s requirements are met.

We work with all the exhibiting partners to ensure continuity throughout the booth to create an environment which is cohesive, engaging and attractive to all visitors. This consultation allows us to facilitate any specific requirements they may have for the show, such as product display solutions, AV options and logistics.


Is shared space right for you?


There may be situations where you would need to take into account how shared space would work for you. If you have a large amount of product to display, or demonstrate, space might be limited by accommodating multiple partners.  If the partnership/exhibitor customer base is vastly different, but you want to occupy a shared space, then the flow of the booth should make it easy for the relevant customer to navigate to where they want to beWhere affiliate partners take space on a much larger stand and require a ‘shop-in-shop’ design. They need to highlight their own offer  whilst at the same time not over impacting the smaller brand(s), this can be resolved with clear visual communication and through physical zoning.

Of course, communication also plays a key role when commissioning a shared space.   When managing multiple partners it works well to create a single point of contact through which to channel all communication.  By doing this we can ensure that each exhibitor has an equal share of voice and that their needs will be met in the final design.

If you want to talk more about how we can make shared exhibition space work for you contact us.



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