Exhibition sustainability: a new partnership

We are all conscious that the exhibition industry creates a lot of wastage. At Formation we are taking steps to limit this where possible.


By using stock key items such as flooring and walling we can reduce wastage over the year. Our global network of suppliers and contractors means that we reduce transportation mileage and deliver everything at the same time. Thus keeping our carbon footprint low.  Our stand design can include elements that are reusable for our clients that attend multiple shows per year.  We use premium rental furniture, which obviously has many lives.  All this means we are taking small but important steps in the right direction.

But we wanted to do more!  So we are excited to announce that we have joined partnership with the National Forest Company (NFC).

The NFC was started by a passionate group of people that had a vision to create a forest.  A forest that would transform 200 square miles of the Midland’s landscape, that had been scarred by centuries of industry. The National Forest was the first forest to be created at scale in England for over 1000 years. It transformed the landscape, literally, from black to green. In planting trees and restoring habitat, it has created a more sustainable and positive future for the next generation.

Our partnership means we will be planting a tree for every exhibition stand we build throughout the year.  And that equates to a lot of trees!  By making small steps in the right direction our trees will eventually become forests. Forests that will be around long after the visitors have gone home, the exhibition stands have been dismantled, and the doors have closed.

Watch this space for pictures of our first planting in the Summer!

Find out more information about the National Forest.



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